Gentle Oriental Rug Cleaning

Call Pittsburgh's rug cleaning experts

Rug CleaningOnce you have determined that its time for the cleaning of your Oriental rug, just call upon our team of experts that are pleased to have the opportunity to work with you again, or maybe for the first time. We provide convenient home pick up and delivery services.

We also provide complete in-home cleaning services. We will travel to your home or business, providing project convenience to you. We provide a deep cleaning process, not just an extraction-based cleaning service. We will work hard to accommodate your schedule, sticking to our timeline for successful completion of your project.

We specialize in traditional hand washing of Oriental rugs. This is done without the use of machine scrubbers, steam cleaners or rotary shampooing. It's a very labor-intensive but gentle cleaning process that thoroughly removes deeply embedded soils.

Our Oriental rug cleaning process includes a thorough dusting, spot treatment, shampoo of the rug and fringe, then a thorough rinsing. After the rug is dry, we inspect it and condition the pile by carefully brushing it in the proper direction.

Hand washing allows us to visually see where soil is concentrated and address particular soils, stains and odors during washing. We have earned the trust of dealers, collectors and consumers to handle their cleaning and repair needs.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Wall-to-Wall Carpet and Upholstery CleaningHomeowners often do not look beyond their carpet when it comes to maintaining interior fabrics. As a result, many homeowners overlook the need for drapery and upholstery cleaning because they don’t look visibly dirty. However, the same soils that fall out of the air and onto the carpet and other horizontal surfaces in your home also fall out onto the upholstery and are filtered through the draperies.

Studies show that upholstered fabrics should be cleaned every three years and if there are smokers or pets in the home, they should be cleaned once a year. Some upholstered fabrics can easily be wet cleaned; whereas other more delicate fabrics must be dry cleaned.

Allergen Accumulation

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ( the allergen-avoidance market continues to grow as a result of increased consumer demand.

We recommend you take an evaluation of the interior of your home, and determine the last time you had your fabric-based home interior items cleaned.

We can provide pick up and delivery services for your items, and in-home services for cleaning and sanitizing your upholstered furniture, draperies, carpeting and carpets to greatly reduce the number of allergens within your home environment.